Refund and Returns Policy

Of course! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you don’t receive your review request within 24 hours. We’ll make sure there’s a quick resolution for both parties involved and then send out the refund as soon as possible
We understand how important it is that customers are happy with their purchase from – so if anything goes wrong in any way we will do everything necessary at our end to fix things up right away.

Possible that I can Cancel My Order and Get Refund?

We’re sorry to hear that you want to cancel your order. This is a difficult decision and we hope it doesn’t sound like the company has been unhelpful in any way! However, if an order hasn’t started yet then there’s nothing more we can do for you since once something starts getting processed on our end (whether through reviews or otherwise) orders become irreversible at this point – but don’t worry because all refund requests must go through within 14 days of their completion date so long as they meet certain criteria which include meeting particular deadlines set out by law

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